Watercolors​  One Man's Passion

The skateboard exhibit has been postponed.

​​Bradford J. Salamon


July 15, 2017 – September 3, 2017

Behold, the Pacific!  California Coastal Views

Groves of Gold  California Fruit Box Labels

Gotta DANCE!  The Art of the Dance Movie Poster

Santa Monica Close-up  Fabian A. Lewkowicz

Edward S. Curtis  The North American Indian

Navajo Textiles  Wearing Blankets and Rugs

Awkward Family Photos

Every Tattoo Tells A Tale​  Mark Mahoney & The Shamrock Social Club

Lights! Camera! Glamour!  The Photography of George Hurrell

California Regionalism  Oils on Canvas

Skateboard  Evolution and Art in California

Shortboard Revolution  Surf Design 1967—1984

5 New Artists on the Map


California Tile  The Golden Era: 1910-1940

Santa Catalina  "In All the World, No Trip Like This!"

Everyday Life in California  Regional Watercolors, 1930-1960

Mexican Calendar Girls  The Golden Age of Mexican Calendar Art, 1930-1960

Buena Vista  California Artists in Mexico 1928-1970​

D. J. Hall  Selected Works 1974 – 2012

​​Monterey  Furniture, Pottery & Tile

Past Exhibits

Ceramica  Mexican Pottery of the Twentieth Century

Aloha Spirit  Hawaii’s Influence on the California Lifestyle