Behold, the Pacific!  California Coastal Views

Groves of Gold  California Fruit Box Labels

Lights! Camera! Glamour!  The Photography of George Hurrell

California Regionalism  Oils on Canvas

Buena Vista  California Artists in Mexico 1928-1970​

Gotta DANCE!  The Art of the Dance Movie Poster

Santa Monica Close-up  Fabian A. Lewkowicz

D. J. Hall  Selected Works 1974 – 2012

Shortboard Revolution  Surf Design 1967—1984

Edward S. Curtis  The North American Indian

Navajo Textiles  Wearing Blankets and Rugs

5 New Artists on the Map

Awkward Family Photos


Watercolors​  One Man's Passion

Everyday Life in California  Regional Watercolors, 1930-1960

Mexican Calendar Girls  The Golden Age of Mexican Calendar Art, 1930-1960

Skateboard  Evolution and Art in California

Past Exhibits

Ceramica  Mexican Pottery of the Twentieth Century

Santa Catalina  "In All the World, No Trip Like This!"

Every Tattoo Tells A Tale​  Mark Mahoney & The Shamrock Social Club

Aloha Spirit  Hawaii’s Influence on the California Lifestyle

​​Monterey  Furniture, Pottery & Tile

​Rock & Roll Legends

California Tile  The Golden Era: 1910-1940